Crowns & Bridges

To enhance the appearance of your teeth, strengthen your smile, or replace missing teeth, crowns and bridges are ideal solutions. These restorations can be customized according to the particular details of your smile in order to achieve the highest quality results.
What is a crown?
Serving as a complete cap or protective covering for your tooth, a crown is designed to mimic the shape, size, and function of a natural tooth. By covering the entire tooth, a crown provides the durability necessary to prevent a weakened tooth from fracturing. Crowns are also recommended when a tooth is unable to support a large filling, when the tooth has been treated with a root canal procedure, or as a final restoration for a dental implant.
What is a bridge?

When a gap or space has been left by a missing tooth, multiple crowns can be linked together to form a bridge. The crowns on either end of the bridge will be anchored by a natural tooth, and the crown (or crowns) in the middle of the bridge will take the place of the missing tooth (or teeth). Since the bridge is permanent and not removable, you’ll need to use a special floss threader in order to clean beneath your bridge.

Whether your dentist recommends a crown or a bridge, there are some similar characteristics that make both solutions desirable.

For more information on how crowns and bridges can add strength, beauty, and integrity to your smile, call for your appointment today.