How to Keep the ‘Treats’ from Playing ‘Tricks’ On Your Child’s Teeth

Denton dentalAs a parent, you are most likely concerned with your child’s dental health. Considering Halloween is quickly approaching, you may allow your children to enjoy an excessive amount of candy without worry. While you and your children should enjoy the trick or treating experience, it is important to use caution to prevent future toothaches and cavities. Using these tips, your child can enjoy treats on Halloween without harming their teeth.

Candy for Dinner? Yes!

Saliva production increases during mealtime, which helps wash away leftover food and bacteria. While you don’t want your child to enjoy their Halloween candy as a meal, eating the treats immediately after their lunch or dinner is smart.

Allowing your child to have a few pieces of their Halloween candy while saliva production is high will wash away leftover residue and sugar from candy. This reduces the risk of future cavities and toothaches.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Be sure your child stays hydrated with water during the trick or treating experience, as well. Water is imperative for your child’s health, but it will also rinse sugar off their teeth.

While surprising to hear, consuming water while trick or treating will also make your child feel full, reducing the amount of candy they eat.

Stick to Non-Sticky Treats!

Chewing gum, taffy, and gummy treats are common on Halloween because they are the favorites of many kids. However, these treats are not only sugary and sweet, but also sticky. When your child eats these stickier treats, they are exposing their teeth to sugar for longer periods of time. This can be problematic for their dental health without regular brushing.

Of course, your child doesn’t need to miss out on their favorite pieces of candy this Halloween. Reduce the amount of stickier treats your child enjoys to reduce their chances of tooth decay.

Check off Regular Check-Ups from your To-Do List!

Visiting the dentist twice a year is essential to your child’s oral health. These check-ups include basic exams and cleanings, which will improve the look and health of their teeth and gums.

Your child can still enjoy their favorite treats this Halloween. Using these tips, they can enjoy trick or treating with less possibility of toothaches and cavities.

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