Tooth Restorations: How Dental Crowns Can Help

crowns DentonCrowns have long been used for repairing, protecting, and restoring natural teeth. Whether a tooth is missing, extracted, damaged or otherwise in need of reinforced support, a crown is a custom-made prosthetic that can protect the natural tooth or replace a tooth when combined with a dental implant. A dentist will assess the needs of individual patients and determine the best approach for long-term satisfaction and results.

In the case of missing teeth or those in need of extraction, the bone in the jaw needs time to heal. Once it has healed, a dental implant may be surgically placed to support the crown. The crown will be customized for the individual patient, made specifically to fit that patient’s mouth so it provides the most beneficial support and function to protect remaining teeth. The use of an implant and crown transforms the smile quickly and effectively, with lasting results. [pullquote]Crowns have long been used for repairing, protecting, and restoring natural teeth.[/pullquote]

When the natural tooth is still present, but weakened from a large filling or damaged, placing a crown over the natural tooth adds strength, support, protection, and restores the appearance for a more attractive smile and reinforced functionality. The crowns are custom-made for each patient, as with any dental crowns, and usually composed of porcelain with natural tooth coloring and glaze to match the other teeth in the patient’s mouth and provide durability that often exceeds that of natural teeth. Crowns are used to protect weakened or damaged teeth, and also with some dentistry procedures, such as root canal therapies.

To prepare for a crown, the natural tooth is shaped to fit within the customized crown, and an impression is taken to form the crown for a perfect fit. Once placed, the crown is permanent. However, severe impact or poor oral hygiene home-care habits can affect the crown’s longevity. These can also affect the surrounding teeth and gums. If gums start receding, for example, the crown may become loose and require repair.

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