Tooth Loss Can Have Far-Reaching Effects on Your Dental Health

Denton dental implantsLosing one or more teeth can be traumatizing due to the affects it can have on your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, the loss of one or more teeth affects more than just the look of your smile. For many patients, tooth loss affects the surrounding teeth, bite alignment, and underlying oral health. Thankfully, patients have options such as dental implants to address the issues associated with tooth loss.

Enamel Erosion and Tooth Decay

While you may be missing one or more teeth, the total force of your bite will not change. In most cases, your bite will be too strong for a mouth with fewer teeth. This excessive force can damage the surrounding teeth.

Tooth loss can erode the surface enamel of your teeth, increasing the risk of sensitivity and discomfort, tooth decay, cavities, and the loss of other surrounding teeth.

Bite Misalignments

A complete set of teeth is essential for support. Unfortunately, the loss of one or more teeth will not allow this complete support, causing teeth to protrude out or move in towards the mouth.

A bite misalignment is not only unappealing, but it can also cause discomfort. In addition, most patients with a misaligned bite will require orthodontic treatment such as braces or aligners.

Bone Loss

While surprising to hear, tooth loss can also cause bone loss. After losing a tooth, your gum tissue and jaw bone may decrease. This resorption occurs naturally after losing a tooth. The loss of tissue and bone from the missing tooth occurs quickly and is difficult to prevent. However, replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant helps maintain bone health.

Most people do not realize the affects tooth loss has on their oral health, so understanding its severity is essential. Contact our skilled and dedicated team at Withers Dentistry today for more information on preventing tooth loss and other oral health issues.