How do I Know if I am a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

Denton dental implantsSome people desire to replace hair that has been lost over the years. For others, replacing age spots with a clear complexion would be ideal. For you, however, the goal may be to replace lost teeth. Thanks to modern technology, you easily can restore your smile with dental implants.

A dental implant has three core parts: The first is the implant itself—a titanium device that looks like a screw and that is placed in the jawbone. The second is a connecting device called the abutment, and the third is a dental crown—or a cap that resembles a natural tooth—which is placed on top of the abutment.

Dental implants are an effective tooth replacement solution because when an implant is positioned in your jaw, the bone surrounding it forms a secure bond with the implant. As a result, implants are extremely sturdy and durable, much like an actual tooth root. This is why dental implants can last a lifetime.

However, healthy bone is a prerequisite for getting an implant. Specifically, there must be enough bone in the area that will receive the device; if bone is lacking at the site, a bone grafting procedure may be necessary prior to implant placement.

Furthermore, your gums should be healthy because they contribute to an implant’s success, providing protection for the new device. If your gums are thin or are receding, a gum grafting procedure may be recommended to add more gum tissue to the site of the future implant.

Your overall health must also be strong in order for the healing process to go smoothly after the placement of dental implants. Gum disease should be treated before you move forward with the procedure, and illnesses such as diabetes should be controlled if not eradicated. Your implant dentist also will instruct you not to smoke directly after the procedure, as this will slow down the healing process.

A dental implant certainly can transform your smile and improve your ability to chew and to enjoy food once again. Contact Withers Dentistry today to find out if dental implants are right for you.