Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

Losing permanent teeth as an adult can result in changes to the way we speak, eat, and smile. Dentures provide a way to supplant lost teeth whether it is one, several, or an entire arch.

There are different types of dentures that can fulfill every need; your dentist is a professional that will fabricate a custom appliance to fit your budgetary requirements and timeline.

Partial – One or a couple of teeth can be replaced with a partial denture. There is a removable denture that is usually attached with the use of clasps that hold the denture in place by affixing to the permanent teeth on either side of the denture. These outside teeth are referred to as the abutment teeth.

Fixed Partial – This unit is made to be cemented in place by preparing the abutment teeth for crowns and the replacement teeth (pontics) will be fabricated in between the crowns. When ready for delivery, the crowns are cemented in place and the custom fitted bridge becomes part of your dental anatomy.

Complete Denture – When an entire arch is lost or must be extracted, a complete denture is employed to replace all of the teeth. If teeth are to be extracted, the patient might want to consider an immediate denture. This appliance would be fabricated prior to the extraction, and placed immediately following. By this method, the patient is never without their teeth.

Another way to restore lost teeth is for dental implants to be placed in the gum tissue. The implant will fuse to existing bone to forge a strong support for the denture. This process is very successful when there is insufficient underlying bone support to fabricate a secure and comfortable denture. Instead of crowns being placed on abutment teeth, crowns will be placed on the implant for a permanent restoration.

Whichever denture is needed, you can be assured your dentist will strive to fabricate an appliance that will look like the permanent teeth lost. Your comfort and satisfaction are critical, so you must inform the dentist if there is any slippage or discomfort.

Adjustments can be anticipated along with a period of time needed to get used to eating and speaking with your new denture. Ultimately you will have ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence with your custom fitted denture.

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