Protect and Strengthen Teeth with Dental Crowns

crowns DentonDental crowns play a very large role in salvaging teeth damaged from excessive decay or broken teeth; as the final step for root canal therapy; as a support for a fixed dental prosthesis; and as the final restoration for a dental implant.

Our teeth are very strong, but are subjected to pressure every day. The daily uses teeth must endure make the need to protect them and keep them strong a priority.

Without teeth, the ability to eat the foods we love would be challenged; speaking clearly would be difficult as we form words using the tongue, teeth, and palate; and smiles and laughter might be embarrassing if teeth were missing.

Even the most diligent oral care might not save a tooth from a traumatic event. If a tooth is severely chipped (beyond repair with bonding); broken; extremely decayed; or has become infected, a dental crown may be recommended.

Dental crowns have been used for decades and improvements in materials used have made them much more aesthetically pleasing. Anyone with a metal allergy can appreciate a dental crown made solely with porcelain.

When your dentist recommends a dental crown, it is usually to save a tooth. And placing a crown is a much better option than extraction. The process is actually very easy and is typically completed in two dental visits.

A dental x-ray is often used to verify the tooth beneath the gum line has not been impacted by what has occurred above the gum. Following the application of anesthetic, the tooth is filed down to accommodate the crown. Depending on the material to be used to make the crown, the amount of tooth removed is determined.

An impression is made, and if the tooth is prepped for a porcelain crown, a shade is submitted to the dental lab along with the impression. A temporary covering protects your tooth while the lab fabricates the permanent crown.

In about two weeks, you will return to the office to have the crown placed. It is tried in for a correct fit. Minor adjustments can be made as needed. Your dentist will cement it in place and your tooth will be protected and strengthened for many years.

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