Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

best dentist DentonWhile your ancestors contribute to certain things like jaw space, and whether you will have big or small teeth, the overall health of your teeth is each individual’s responsibility and for the most part very controllable. If you brush twice daily with a fluoridated tooth paste, floss every day, and visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and a dental exam, you are getting a good start to protect your oral health.

You hear things like the habits of your parents may make you predisposed to select their lifestyle choices (tobacco or alcohol use); but unhealthy cycles can be broken.

You may have been subjected to things as a child, but as an adult you are in complete control. You can break bad habits and form positive ones for yourself and the generations that will follow you like:

Diet – Sugary beverages and snacks can become a regular part of your daily diet or you can learn to enjoy them on special occasions. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables; healthy dairy like reduced sugar yogurt, cheese, and milk; snack on nuts, popcorn, and seeds; drink water as your primary beverage of choice (water can be infused with many different things to provide a variety).

Lifestyle – Do not smoke or use tobacco in any form; and illicit drugs are dangerous. Add up the money  spent on these items and enjoy a fun vacation on the savings.

Exercise – Spending time in front of the television or your computer may be tempting, but adequate exercise is essential to overall health; which contributes to great oral health.

Teeth actually start forming in the womb, so technically our ancestors (your biological mother and father) do play a role genetically speaking. And we rely on our parents to provide the best dental health care available in our formative years.

If teeth were crooked, hopefully care was taken to straighten them. Your dentist was available to guide your parents and offer the best dental advice available.

As an adult, you have the power to make sure your dental health is exceptional; and pass the legacy of great oral health on to those that follow you.

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