Enhance Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

Denton dental implantsJust missing one tooth can drastically affect your quality of life. One or more missing teeth will affect your ability to bite and chew food comfortably and enunciate words properly. Moreover, tooth loss will affect more than your oral function; it will likely take a toll on your mental wellbeing. Many patients with tooth loss develop depressed moods and social anxiety because of self-confidence issues associated with an incomplete smile.

If you have lost teeth, it is important to consult with a dental professional to review your replacement options. Dental implants are a popular way to address the loss of oral function and the effect tooth loss has on appearance. Our team offers dental implant placement for members of our community looking to regain their confidence and improve their quality of life.

How Dental Implants Replace a Lost Tooth

Unique in their design, implants replace all parts of a lost tooth. A dental implant is a small titanium post that will act as a substitute for a tooth’s roots. Our implant dentist will surgically embed the post into the jawbone so that it can later support a prosthetic crown. Since titanium is biocompatible, the implant will be anchored in place by the neighboring bone through a process called osseointegration. This process involves the fusing of bone to titanium.

Once the titanium post is stable, a permanent, custom-made crown is attached to an abutment. Tooth-shaped, a crown will replace the visible structure of a tooth. Since crowns are custom made, they will fit perfectly between existing teeth and provide a durable surface for biting and chewing food. Patients have options when it comes to choosing the materials that make up a crown. Some prefer durable metals while others prefer more natural materials such as porcelain.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants are advantageous for many reasons. First, once an implant is stabilized by bone and the permanent prosthetic is attached, patients enjoy a full restoration of oral function. Patients with dental implants can eat any food they like comfortably. If you choose tooth-colored materials for your crown, you will also enjoy a very natural looking prosthetic tooth. Lastly, implants are very long lasting and last for decades.

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