Considering Dentures: What are the first steps?

dentures DentonTooth loss is difficult to overcome no matter the reason … trauma, decay, disease, or teeth never erupted properly. The prospect of dentures may seem overwhelming, but with advances made in recent years, they look and feel more natural than ever before.

Consideration is given to the number of teeth being replaced. There are partial dentures to replace several missing teeth or complete dentures when an entire arch is missing.

Questions regarding topics such as eating with dentures, altered appearance, and how dentures may affect speech should be addressed during the initial consultation.

Budgetary concerns will be discussed. Most dental insurance companies will assist with dentures, but the actual cost is usually more than coverage provided. The patient must understand the financial obligation. Many dental providers have plans in place to assist their patients with financial concerns.

The treatment plan is outlined based on things such as extractions, healing periods, and the overall concerns of the patient. A removable denture will be taken out at night and stored in a case. A fixed denture is permanently cemented in place, but requires some healthy teeth be retained that can be used as anchors for the missing teeth.

For patients wishing for the most natural replacement teeth available, implant-supported dentures may be an option.

Once decisions have been made and all concerns addressed, treatment may begin. Dental impressions, x-rays, and sometimes photographs are taken as tools in denture fabrication. The process involves several visits; depending on the program selected, a denture can be completed in as little as a few weeks. For patients opting for fixed or implants-supported dentures, the treatment time is longer.

Once the denture has been placed, the patient will likely require adjustments to achieve their desired level of comfort and functionality. Never try to make adjustments on your own. You may damage the prosthesis or make matters worse. The correct fit is critical, and your satisfaction is a priority for all.

Caring for your denture will vary depending on the type you have. Follow the instructions issued by your dentist, and your denture will serve you well.

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