Dental Implants Offer A Long-Term Permanent Solution

Denton dental implantsThe loss of one or more teeth to trauma, disease, or decay can mean many adjustments … the way you see yourself, how you speak, and what you are able to eat. Dental implants provide an ideal solution to replace the dentition you have lost with permanent, aesthetically pleasing teeth that will restore the function and appearance of what was lost.

The dental implant process does require a commitment of your time as well as the willingness to follow the instructions issued by your dentist. But the final result is well worth it.

The first step is a consultation that involves a review of the patient’s overall health. If there are no serious or chronic illnesses or conditions that would interfere with the implant procedure, a thorough dental exam follows. This includes dental x-rays. If bone loss has occurred in the jaw where the implant is to be placed, the patient may need to undergo the introduction of additional bone in the implant area.

When the implant dentist is satisfied that all conditions have been met, the titanium implant is surgically placed. The implant is a small post that is designed to be encompassed by jawbone. By merging together (the process is called osseointegration), bone and implant will provide strength and support for the restoration that will eventually cover it.

The healing period varies by patient, but when ready the dentist will remove the protective covering and attach an abutment that will be used to affix the final restoration.

The crown, bridge, or denture that will restore tooth loss has been fabricated to match remaining biological teeth in size, shape, and color. The restoration will be tried in for fit and appearance; minor adjustments can be made at chairside. When perfect, it will be permanently cemented in place.

Now that the patient has rectified tooth loss with dental implants, there are no limitations in diet; any speech difficulties will be resolved; and there will no longer be the need to hide your smile due to the embarrassment of missing teeth.

Your new teeth are easy to care for … daily brushing and flossing coupled with twice yearly cleaning appointments and a dental exam to monitor your dental implant to make sure it is as healthy as possible will be rewarded with a lifetime of smiles.

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