Common Questions About Dentures

dentures DentonMany patients face the daunting questions surrounding replacing teeth lost to trauma, infection, decay, or to supplant teeth that never erupted correctly. A prosthesis that has the flexibility to replace a few teeth or an entire arch is dentures. This decision may impact day to day living for your lifetime, so knowing what to anticipate will make the adjustments you may experience go smoothly.

Do I have to deal with a removable appliance? Depending on how many teeth you are replacing and how much of an investment you are willing to make, you have choices here. For example, if you have healthy natural teeth surrounding the missing teeth, you might be a candidate for a fixed partial denture. The healthy teeth are crowned and the missing replacement teeth are attached. The crowns are cemented in place allowing for the denture to become permanently attached.

How natural does a denture look? Your dentist is much like an artist when it comes to fabricating your new dentures. The shape, shade, and contour can be formed using dental impressions and photographs, but when it is time to start wearing your new “teeth”, you can rely on the precision and artistry of your dental provider to obtain a natural and close replica of your former smile.

Will my food choices be limited? Initially you should take smaller bites; chew slowly and on both sides; and gradually introduce different foods until you are able to enjoy your normal favorites. Very sticky or difficult to chew items should be avoided. But over time you will learn what food adjustments are needed to make eating with your denture feel natural.

Will I speak differently? We form words when the tongue meets with teeth to make certain sounds. You will have a period of adjustment as you get used to your new dentures; practicing in front of a mirror or even singing in the shower will help with this process. Practice makes perfect.

What do I do if my new denture doesn’t fit well? Your dentist will work with you until you are comfortable with the fit and feel of your new dentures. Don’t attempt to make adjustments on your own; you’ll likely make things worse.

A visit with our dentist, Dr. John Withers, will provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your dental needs. Call our office at 940-293-2635 today to schedule your informative consultation.