How Closely Do Dental Implants Mimic a Natural Tooth?

implant dentistry DentonKeeping your own teeth for your lifetime is a worthy goal; however there are patients with serious dental conditions that prevent that from happening. They are dealing with having their teeth removed; or they have lost one or more teeth and are faced with having to start over. While there are many treatments to restore missing or extracted teeth, the one that most closely matches the look and feel of biological teeth is obtained through the use of implant dentistry.

Before entering into the dental implant process, the patient’s overall health is reviewed; a thorough dental examination is conducted; and the patient is informed and must agree to comply with the conditions placed by the dentist. These include the need for regular exams, the patient’s willingness to keep the implant area as clean as possible by following the instructions provided; and ceasing the use of all tobacco products. All of these things are intended to reduce the chance of infection leading to implant failure.

On treatment day, one or more dental implants are embedded in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. The implants are small titanium units (titanium is the metal of choice for its unique ability to resist rejection; in addition, bone fuses with titanium unlike any other material available).

Once the implant is placed, the area is covered so healing can occur. During the healing process it is imperative the patient be diligent about keeping this area as free from bacteria as possible. Also, the implant must remain stationary so bone can fuse to it to provide the stability needed to hold the new tooth in place. Once healed, the implant is permanently covered with a restoration that has been fabricated to match surrounding teeth.

The final result will produce a cosmetic enhancement that will rival your natural teeth in aesthetics; will allow you to speak comfortably without fear of slippage or movement; is so sound you can resume eating all the foods you love; and smile with renewed self-confidence.

Implant dentistry allows the patient to restore tooth loss that is as close to their own teeth as possible. To learn more, contact our skilled team at Withers Dentistry and schedule your professional consultation today.