4 Signs of Gum Disease You Need to Know

Gum disease is a severe dental problem for all ages, especially if ignored for too long. Hence knowing about the signs of gum disease beforehand can be very helpful.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 47.2% of US adults aged 30 and above suffer from gum disease. The risk heightens with age, leading to 70.1% of adults over 65 suffering from the same.

Fortunately, awareness of the early signs of gum disease  (or gingivitis) can help negate the potential risk and ensure proper dental health for all ages. So in today’s article, we will discuss these signs in detail to help you stay vigilant. Let us start:

Sign 1: Your Gums Are Red and Swollen

If you feel your gums are more tender, reddish (often purple-ish), and swollen, it is one of the high-possibility gum disease (periodontal) signs. It happens due to tartar buildup from bacteria forming plaque over your teeth and gum line, infecting them heavily.

Your gums will feel tout, puffy, and sensitively tender, making your mouth feel painful. The worst part is that your gums might even bleed easily, making it one of the apparent signs of gum disease.

Sign 2: Loose and Sensitive Tooth

Have you recently been spitting out blood while flossing or brushing your teeth? That can be one of the early causes of gum disease. You might find your teeth feeling too sensitive to touch through brushing. They are often painful in such situations and might even feel loose under your gums.

If your teeth feel this way, you might also find a pink-ish shade over your brush bristles after brushing. Moreover, your teeth might loosen and fall, leading you to lose them too quickly.

All in all, it is an early sign that you should consider for periodontal disease.

Sign 3: The Gums Will Recede

Gum recession is a well-known sign of gum disease and will make your teeth look longer. It will also make it painful for you to bite and have your teeth fit together when you bite down on your food.

You might also find speaking challenging without whistles due to increased spaces between your teeth. We advise you not to ignore these signs and contact a professional dentist immediately.

Sign 4: You Have a Never-Ending Bad Breath

Do you find your breath to smell nasty and rancid whenever you speak? When brushing won’t clean the foul smell from your mouth, you have one of the early signs of gum disease.

Treat Your Signs of Gum Disease

So are you experiencing any of these signs of gum disease? Then you might be suffering from early gingivitis and periodontal disease. And it is best to consult a dentist and have them check your dental disorders.

For any questions and inquiries, you can always contact us to know more about your dental health.

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