4 Things You Need to Know About Dental Checkups

dentist DentonYour hygienist and dentist encourage you to visit them every six months. Many patients think that daily brushing is sufficient for oral care, and if they floss daily, that is even more reason to delay or extend the time between dental visits.

However, even though a lucky few might be able to pull this off, the majority of us will face eventual problems if we don’t stick to a daily regimen of brushing and flossing and a dental visit every six months. The significance to regular dental visits is important for your oral health and can impact your overall health, as well.

  1. Cleaning teeth: Your dental provider scrapes away the plaque that has formed and built-up since your previous dental visit. But plaque isn’t just what you see. It is forming beneath the gums and if left unchecked can result in gum disease, infection, and even tooth loss.
  2. Examination: While your dentist is looking for the obvious dental problems like decay, an inspection allows for life altering issues such as oral cancer to be discovered early leading to treatment before it is too late. Early signs of gum disease will be spotted, signs of problems from teeth grinding and jaw clenching are noted and solutions can be offered (even though you might not be aware that you are experiencing the symptoms).
  3. Education and Solutions: Your dentist has a wealth of information available for everything on how to care for your teeth such as prescriptions to help you quit smoking, solutions for tooth loss you never knew existed and ways to enhance your smile you might have thought were too expensive or unavailable to you.
  4. Prevention: There are instructions given that offer ways to improve your dental health, but in addition to what you can do on a daily basis, your dentist can provide other services. One might be fluoride treatments or sealants for teeth unaffected by decay that are designed to cover the chewing surfaces eliminating little pits where decay often starts.

There are really no excuses for skipping dental visits … even fearful patients or those dealing with physical/mental restrictions can take advantage of oral sedation making their dental appointments easy for both the patient and dental provider. Regular care and early detection make dental repairs much easier; and less costly and time consuming.

If you’re behind on your checkups, call our office today to schedule an appointment with our caring team.